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Herring House Trust was established in 1991 by a group of concerned local people and key members of the local Citizens Advice Bureau who saw increasing numbers of people visiting the Bureau who were homeless.

A small team was set up to provide access to accommodation in the form of B&B and temporary accommodation. Many people that were housed by the team, needed far more than just a roof over their heads, they needed longer term support to help them tackle some of the problems that caused their homelessness. Homelessness is usually a symptom of a range of other complex issues such as mental & physical ill health, drug and alcohol dependency, relationship breakdown, abuse, unemployment, or housing shortages. Unless you help people get the support to begin addressing some of these problems, keeping the roof over their heads may often fail.

The Hostel

At the hub of all that we do at Herring House.

The Hostel
Herring House Trust - The Hostel
Herring House Trust - Move On Accommodation

Move on Accommodation

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Move on Accommodation
Herring House Trust - TheSmartMove scheme

The SmartMove Scheme

Helping people with accommodation.

Herring House Trust - The High Support Unit

The High Support Unit

Providing detox treatment across Gt Yarmouth.

High Support Unit
Herring House Trust - Herring House trust - Counselling Service

Counselling Service

Helping to support people across Gt Yarmouth.

Counselling Service
Herring House Trust - The Herring Centre

The Herring Centre

Providing community resouces across Gt Yarmouth.

The Herring Centre

Halfway Houses

Supported accommodation in Gt Yarmouth

Halfway Houses
Herring House Trust - Halfway Houses