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Sponsor a Room

By sponsoring a room at Herring House Trust, you will give someone a place of safety and support they need to begin addressing the reasons that may have caused them to become homeless. Help to address past trauma, help to find a place to call home and a chance to rebuild their life.

A donation of £10.00 per month, will sponsor a room and help someone to move out of homelessness. You can be part of their journey by supporting their stay at Herring House Trust.

As a Herring House Trust Room Sponsor, you will help us:

  • Provide a safe place in our Hostel. A comfortable room with their own bathroom.
  • Give a homeless person a place of security, where they can start to overcome past trauma.
  • Support with counselling, learning new skills, a chance to build networks of support, support for health and wellbeing.
  • Access to a whole range of specialist support services offering the support people need to rebuild their life.
  • The chance to move on to a more independent and fulfilled life.

Sponsor a Room FAQs

How long will a person stay in the room?

  • Someone can stay with us for up to 2 years – throughout that time, we will have made plans together, for how that person can move on into a more independent home. Once someone moves on, we will continue to support them. It maybe that someone needs us for a much shorter time. When the room is free, someone else can move in.

What happens if I cannot continue to support a room?

  • Don’t worry, we understand personal circumstances change. There are other ways to support our work, please take a look at the rest of the website to see how.

What does my £10.00 per month pay for?

  • Counselling support to help people overcome past trauma.
  • Access to 24-hour support from a skilled staff team.
  • Life skills support to help people move out of homelessness.

The true cost of a room and support for a homeless person to stay in our Hostel is more than £10.00 per month, which is why we need your help. We hope that £10.00 per month is what sponsors might be able to afford.

How to sponsor a room

If you would like to sponsor a room, please make a donation using the form below.